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The Nigerian Journal of Pharmacy is a publication of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria which publishes original research papers, critical reviews, systematic reviews, and short communications in all areas of Pharmacy Practice. The Nigerian Journal of Pharmacy is pivotal in strengthening the pharmaceutical sector through publishing of timely and innovative research outcomes. The theme of the 95th Annual National Conference of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria is aptly Medicines security in an unstable economy. This theme reflects the need to have increased indigenous input into all the cadres of drug manufacturing on a regional level. The onslaughts of infectious and highly communicable disease have taught us that regional alignment in building structures to save guard drug production is critical for the survival of every country. In as much as we cannot be totally self-reliant for our pharmaceutical needs, we must be able to begin to forge paths towards that self-reliance. This can be done by harnessing home-grown technologies that are suited for our own peculiar health care systems. Academia must work with industry in API production, industry must liaise with drug regulators to promote indigenous manufacturing. And of course, our colleagues in the community and hospital settings must work to utilizing locally produced medicines. This will in turn foster more novel research and the cycle goes on. This has been aptly written in the review by Iwuchukwu E., Anukwu I et al, titled

Medicine Security in Sub-Saharan Africa: Improving Access to Drugs Via Utilization of Novel Technologies. Of note is the collaborative research spear headed by the Pharmacy team from the Military hospitals setting in Lagos, who looked at Antimicrobial Drug Prescription Patterns for Respiratory Tract Infections in their hospital setting. This was done with a view to be able to predict medication use and ensure rational drug use. This collaboration of health care professionals will ensure that guideline recommendations are followed in such centres to the benefit of the patients who of course should always at the centre of care. This current issue consists of 24 research papers authored by researchers within Nigeria and in the diaspora. The published works features a paper on Preliminary study on the anti-bacterial activity of 2 cultivars of Acalypha wilkesiana on bacterial isolates of clinical significance; Availability, and price of anti-hypertensives and antidiabetics in public and private health facilities in Jos, Plateau State and environs North Central Nigeria; Preparation and characterization of Self-disintegrating fast dissolving valsartan tablets using novel hybridized polymer comprising Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and Acacia gum amongst others. Many thanks from us, goes to the authors and reviewers who have contributed and supported the journal up to date. Please enjoy Volume 56 (2), September/October issue 2022 of PSNNJP and follow website of the journal for news.

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Published: 2022-10-07

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